the happy show - stefan sagmeister



(photos by KB and yours truly)

KB and i went to go check out the happy show at the Design Exchange on Saturday. the exhibit featured graphic designer Sagmeister’s 10 year exploration with happiness i wish i went to the exhibit before my PSY336- Positive Psychology Midterm but i digress. visually stunning but the psych student in me definitely craved more - still glad to have caught it as the Happy Show ends today March 3, 2011 at the DX. go see it if you get the chance! 

instagram: @mzqh

"Ask any good parent what their ultimate hope is for their child and the answer is usually the same: they want them to be happy. As adults, it’s the beginning of a new year, everyone is back at work and our resolutions – everything that seemed so possible mere weeks ago – are already being tested. While we strive to improve ourselves, in little and large ways, I think that if we distilled all of our resolutions into one succinct, combined, communal wish it would be “I want to be happier.” Don’t all personal roads we yearn to travel really lead to a place where we simply like ourselves more? And that’s why my visit last weekend to Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show at Design Exchange came at exactly the right time.” 

And if we could find happiness, what would it look like exactly? As part of crowd-sourcing visual ideas of hand-drawn happy by collecting them at the exhibit and asking for them to be submitted to The Happy Show’s TumblrI just started drawing and didn’t think about it too much. Apparently happiness for me is being on a boat with a husband (sounds about right). That little nugget next to the sail is either a small child or a large dog – haven’t figured that part out yet. Clearly I’m much better at writing about art than drawing it, but my jellyfish (lower right) is pretty bad ass.”

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