About 2 weeks ago my wife and I went to this art show called The Happy Show by the incomparable Stefan Sagmeister at the MOCA in Los Angeles. Stefan is widely revered by his peers in the creative world. His TED talk The power of time off where Stefan talks about is year sabbatical he takes…


Last week I went to Los Angeles and was able to visit The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister held at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. 

The exhibition was a lot of fun to be in and a part of - I enjoyed the interactive installations the most. Alongside the stairwell to the second floor of the exhibition, there were informational charts and graphs about the happiness and wellbeing of people around the world.

It’s free of charge and totally worth it! If you’re in LA you should definitely drop by to see this. 

Find out more at The Happy Show’s tumblr site.